Indiana Choices

Choices works with youth and their families who are being served by multiple public child-serving systems. We are a one-stop shop for families, providing them with a broad array of community based supports and resources through a coordinated provider network. We are nationally recognized for our innovative business model including blended funding and use of technology and have received among the nation's highest Wraparound Fidelity Index scores.

Our care coordinators are very much community coordinators. Unlike other agencies that internalize many of the services they offer their clients, Choices coordinates with hundreds of independent community-based providers. This diverse provider network means we can offer highly individualized plans of care to each youth served – we don’t fit youth into a plan, we fit the plan around the youth. And by using community-based providers, we’re putting funds back into the local economy and supporting community growth.

Choices is the longest serving provider of cross system care coordination in Indiana. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with satellite offices in Merrillville (Lake County) and Fort Wayne, Indiana Choices serves hundreds of youth throughout central and nothern regions of the state.